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You have a lot on your plate.

That’s startup life, right?

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You might be the CEO and the head of marketing.

You could be the UX designer and the project manager.

You’re probably the copywriter, the data analyst, and the dishwasher, too.

On top of all that, you also know that you need to be building a blog and sending out newsletters and pitching thought leadership pieces. After all, to stand out among all the other companies out there…  

You need to set yourself apart.

You need to find your audience and engage with them.

You need to start a conversation.


But that—well, that doesn’t seem so easy to do.

And there’s no doubt it can be overwhelming.

Throughout my career, my focus has been on the content—on building world-class editorial teams and carefully curating articles and resources that audiences care about.

As the former editor-in-chief of The Muse, I did that by taking an occasionally boring topic (career development) and making it connect by making it ours: I found our sweet spot.

And I can help you find yours, too. That unique intersection of your experience, your stories, your service.

I can help you tell the stories that no one but you can tell.


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Your feedback and guidance has been SO helpful to me as we grow, and I highly value your perspective when I’m facing decisions/dilemmas. You made a messy situation seem like something we could totally handle. You’re a dream to work with!

I’m Adrian Granzella Larssen

and I’m the founder of Sweet Spot Content.

About Adrian Granzella Larssen | Sweet Spot Content

As the former editor-in-chief (and now editor-at-large) for The Muse, I know how to create a beloved and trusted brand and editorial team that is personal and reader-first—all in a scrappy, lean way.

And I have a feeling you may be trying to do just that.

At Sweet Spot Content, my goal is to work with my team to help you create the right strategy, find the right team, and create the right content that actually helps your readers and grows your company.

I have spent years helping companies create the best content possible to connect with the communities who need them. And I know my team can help you communicate your value in a way your community can trust. Let us show you how.