Editorial + Content Strategy

Content is a cornerstone of your business

It’s how you connect with your community, your colleagues, and your future clients. It’s how you connect to your own voice, and provide the valuable insights that set you apart as a thought leader in your industry.

So it’s pretty important that you have content—and that your content is good.

But I probably didn’t need to tell you that, right? You know you need consistent, valuable blog posts, emails, and social media posts and guest articles on reputable websites, too.

It’s just not getting done.

The Sweet Spot Content Entrepreneur Salon will help you nail down (and actually get started on) a 6-month digital content strategy—in just four weeks. We’ll work together to narrow down the “sweet spot” of your content, and help you start writing more of it!

If you want to give your content the attention it deserves—without letting it take up all of your time—this is the perfect service for you.




01 /

A Content Workbook that will help you get all of your goals, ideas, and inspiration on paper—and help us plot the best strategy moving forward.


02 / 

One 60-minute Content Kickoff Call to narrow down your content “sweet spot”—or how you’ll shine bright in your market.


03 / 

A list of personalized content topics for you to react to and us to refine to create your...


04 / 

6-month fully customized Content Calendar based on your needs and your audience’s interests, reading habits, and more.


05 / 

A Style Guide to ensure that any writer, editor, video producer, marketer, or vendor you work with will reflect your authentic voice.


06 / 

One 60-minute Finale Call to help you plot your next steps.


07 / 

Two 500-700-word articles either ghostwritten (based on your insights) or edited (based on work you’ve started on) so you’ll have something in hand to kick your strategy off!


08 / 

Two Pitch Templates to help you pitch guest posts to editors


09 / 

A Content Playbook jam-packed with insights on writing, pitching, SEO optimization, syndication, and more from our 10+ years of digital content expertise.


10 / 

6 months of email support for any questions that come up along the way.


[Optional add on]

An expert ghostwriter or editor who will help you bring your content vision to life, week after week.


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